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Children’s play park

Environment of a children’s game pack with a multitude of customization possibilities. XXX assets, quickly and easily create a scene using a single blueprint composed of 4 different modules, add different obstacles.
All assets are playable, physics simulation or fabric simulation. All assets feature collisions and have 4 color choices or a random mode.

Maze Game Blueprint

A blueprint composed of 4 modules: Circle, Tunnel, Ground and Wall. With this blueprint, you can create games either in the shape of a circle, create a path with tunnels, create the floor of your scene with 3 different floors. The Wall module will allow you to create a large play scene with a slide and different obstacles.

Panel Blueprint

Add detail with directions to your scene with this blueprint which includes 4 different signs, a prohibition symbol sign and 3 signs with customizable text, colors and font sizes.

Garden Game Blueprint

Create a carpet play area, with inflatables and a large slide, adjust the width and length as you wish. Random management of colors and asset layout.

Dining Table Blueprint

Add a space for dining to your scene, thanks to this blueprint which will randomly manage the number of chairs, their color and the arrangement of the plates for you.