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Bowling and games Center

Discover this large, modular complex featuring a reception area, bowling lanes, a lounge area, a billiards area and a floor with an arcade and karaoke area. The environment is modular, with 27 blueprints to create your own scene quickly, easily and randomly. Many objects have different textures for added variety.

Creepy birthday party

Perfect environment for your fun, amusing or horror games. Environment representing a place to celebrate a birthday party with entrance, corridors and 3 different scenes. Corridors and room with fabric wall. Room for the birthday meal and all these accessories. The last room is a more exotic world with palm trees, wooden walkways and a large inflatable palm tree game.

Children’s play park

Environment of a children’s game pack with a multitude of customization possibilities. XXX assets, quickly and easily create a scene using a single blueprint composed of 4 different modules, add different obstacles.
All assets are playable, physics simulation or fabric simulation. All assets feature collisions and have 4 color choices or a random mode.

Chapel 19th century

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