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Bowling and Games Center

Discover this large, modular complex featuring a reception area, bowling lanes, a lounge area, a billiards area and a floor with an arcade and karaoke area.
The environment is modular, with 27 blueprints to create your own scene quickly, easily and randomly. Many objects have different textures for added variety.
You can add your own images or videos to any of the screens/televisions included in the pack.
Light effects with 3 different patterns, you can add your own patterns and customize colors.

-Blueprint of a billiard table where you can choose between 3 colors for the carpet, whether you’d like a sticker on the table and the length of the lamp chains.
The spot and tray blueprints let you choose whether you want balls or only a certain number; they have a random rotation in a plastic triangle or square support.
The two furniture blueprints let you add tails or balls with random rotation too.